Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Okay, my other Hollywood Crush

Well, she is really British so maybe she is actually not part of Hollywood, who am i kidding, she is part of Hollywood.
Sienna Miller is one of the most beautiful women on the planet, her smile, her eyes, her perfect figure, she is perfect, mmmmmmm.....

When I first saw here years ago on the short lived show "Keen Eddie" I have hooked, if you are not hooked here you go; join the we love Sienna Miller Club. (it is a small club just me.....and Sienna.....okay it is just me, i am so pathetic.)

Monday, July 23, 2007

My Hollywood Crush

Okay, not the only one, but she is one of the hottest and least seen Hollywood girls. From Old School waking up with the Wilson brother, to "the Girl Next Door."
She is so fine, enjoy.

Best Unknown Footballer Skills Player

This guy is some unknown crazy futsal guy. It is really good. If you are not a soccer fan and you a missing the subtle things he does keep watching and learn.

Funny Soccer Video

This is a pretty good compilation with some classic tunes to jam with.

Lame TV

So the wife is addicted to this "age of love" show on NBC, it is the most awfullest show i have ever been witnessed too.
what the fuck is up with theses ridiculous dating shows that pit people against each other, don't they know yet that they love found on a lame reality show never lasts. it is absurd to see the pathetic ladies and pathetic men hoping that somebody loves them. "Oh please, love me, please somebody love me, i have no friends, boo hoo." Too bad, what kind of problematic childhood did you have that lead you to this realization that you are a loser and must vie for affection on TV.
Then there is the guy (or any main character like Flavor Flav, or Joe Millionaire) they are just as bad. What kind of smooth talking, slick tv exec talked them into this. They better be getting paid a hella-lot of money for this.

This the worst part, i am looking around youtube and find this... what the fuck is wrong with our society. This mother and daughter are embarrassing.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Weather Man

and lets not exclude the Weather ladies.
So am sitting here yesterday on July 4th in the DC area, and what come rolling but a some afternoon summer thunderstorms. The weather dudes are freaking losing it, they are talking about tornado's and funnel clouds and they have their Doppler 9 million out and they are tell me that a mad thunderstorm is about to land on my little town and my house. So, i look out the window and see, NOTHING, no rain, no thunder, no funnel cloud. My parents and uncles, and aunts are all calling to make sure i am not dead or taken away in a Tornado.
Those freakin' weather people just instill paranoia in people too freak them out.
Damn this really pisses me off.
So to the weather people and your Doppler radar's and your bread-o-meters (yeah CBS-I am calling out you Bread-o-meter), WTF is up with your jobs. Damn, you guys went to school for this??

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Stupid Drivers

I really don't understand what the deal is with the stupid drivers??
Situation: You are driving, you see a person turn on there turn sign to change into your lane. You:
a) speed up to avoid letting this person into your lane
b) continue constant speed and pretend you are talking on your cell phone (which an other rant altogether)
c) ease up off the gas pedal and let the person in.
The answer is C. Karma is a bitch people, help a brother out when you are driving.
And can someone tell the story behind "2 footing". This is the person that is accelerating up a hill and somehow still has their brake lights on. WTF. First of all it is terrible for your car, second of it is terrible for me driving behind you, because I can now no longer tell if you are stopping or not. It is ridiculous.
Driving is a privilege and should be revoked for some people. I am not saying that I am the best driver, I miss blind spots, and forget turn signals sometimes, but at least try folks, try to be a nice person.

Oceans 11 and 1/2

This is pretty funny.

Posting ONE-Welcome

This is the first posting for the 2 losers that actually find this blog and read it.
Hope fully more to follow about my adventures and maybe a link to a free story blog about the crazy shit I did as a Barista at a local coffee shop.
Rants and Ramblings will be about my life and my hobbies and my family. Let me tell you a little bit about myself and kinds of topics could and may be covered.
I like soccer, organic food, my wife, rock climbing, DC United, friends, US Men's National Soccer Team, nice people, the passion for sports, my dog, good beer, old scotch, creative food, cooking/grilling, smart comedy's, clever dramas, my family, Diane Lane, Elisha Cuthbert, dark black strong coffee from good coffee shop, PS2 FIFA 2007, relaxing by the beach/mountain/city/pasture, UFC, teaching, rambling and ranting, Las Vegas, good long hearty craps, tasty snacks, a good run to clear the head, bike rides, a well played give and go, NCAA basketball, good stories and story tellers, having a good beer with friends, after sex cuddles, podcasts, and as much fun as my old ass will carry me. (Maybe later i will give a list of my dislikes)
I have webbed toes, one dog, one wife, one sister, two parents, one job, one house, two cars (one of me and one for the wife), multiple credit cards, and one bald head.
But for know peace, and one love to you all.