Monday, July 23, 2007

Lame TV

So the wife is addicted to this "age of love" show on NBC, it is the most awfullest show i have ever been witnessed too.
what the fuck is up with theses ridiculous dating shows that pit people against each other, don't they know yet that they love found on a lame reality show never lasts. it is absurd to see the pathetic ladies and pathetic men hoping that somebody loves them. "Oh please, love me, please somebody love me, i have no friends, boo hoo." Too bad, what kind of problematic childhood did you have that lead you to this realization that you are a loser and must vie for affection on TV.
Then there is the guy (or any main character like Flavor Flav, or Joe Millionaire) they are just as bad. What kind of smooth talking, slick tv exec talked them into this. They better be getting paid a hella-lot of money for this.

This the worst part, i am looking around youtube and find this... what the fuck is wrong with our society. This mother and daughter are embarrassing.

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