Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Posting ONE-Welcome

This is the first posting for the 2 losers that actually find this blog and read it.
Hope fully more to follow about my adventures and maybe a link to a free story blog about the crazy shit I did as a Barista at a local coffee shop.
Rants and Ramblings will be about my life and my hobbies and my family. Let me tell you a little bit about myself and kinds of topics could and may be covered.
I like soccer, organic food, my wife, rock climbing, DC United, friends, US Men's National Soccer Team, nice people, the passion for sports, my dog, good beer, old scotch, creative food, cooking/grilling, smart comedy's, clever dramas, my family, Diane Lane, Elisha Cuthbert, dark black strong coffee from good coffee shop, PS2 FIFA 2007, relaxing by the beach/mountain/city/pasture, UFC, teaching, rambling and ranting, Las Vegas, good long hearty craps, tasty snacks, a good run to clear the head, bike rides, a well played give and go, NCAA basketball, good stories and story tellers, having a good beer with friends, after sex cuddles, podcasts, and as much fun as my old ass will carry me. (Maybe later i will give a list of my dislikes)
I have webbed toes, one dog, one wife, one sister, two parents, one job, one house, two cars (one of me and one for the wife), multiple credit cards, and one bald head.
But for know peace, and one love to you all.

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