Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Spike Your Coffee Friday

For the last few months on my Twitter I have been pushing #spikeurcoffeefriday.  It is not an attempt to show my true alcoholism, but a way to share my passion for something I hold near and dear to my heart, booze in the morning.

I challenge you find me a better time to spike your coffee.  In the afternoon, when you hit your 2pm slump, just won't do it because you need to finish you job with some semblance of coherence.  Late at night you really just need to start drinking the hard stuff and stop pussy-footing around with coffee.  First thing in the morning is best, you were already planning on having coffee anyway.  You are killing 2 birds with one drink.  Just add a little bit to your morning coffee and you are straight for the rest of the day.

Does this make me a bad person?  Absolutely not.  This makes me a person that understands my convictions and is driven make sure I have awesome-ist day possible.  Do I believe that I should be spiking my coffee while driving?  Absolutely not!!  You should never drink and drive.  You need to wait till you are in the parking lot of your employer, where you will then spike your coffee and walk into work as if everything in your life is hunky dory, which it is because you have just spiked your coffee.

I urge you all to take a moment and spike your coffee on a Friday.  Feel the liberation that comes with starting your happy hour 8 hours early, taste how good sitting through that TPS report meeting can really be, open your senses to what coffee can really smell like, and have that secretive "F-you" to your boss hidden inside your travel mug.  Then once you have felt the liberation, tasted the goodness, and smelled the love; tweet about it so I can get some credit for inventing #spikeurcoffeefriday.

Recipes: (these are some of my personal favorites, if you call them something different- I don't want to hear about it)

Irish Coffee - 1 cup coffee, 1oz Bailey Irish Cream, 1oz Irish Whiskey (I prefer Jameson)

43 Coffee - 1 cup coffee, 1oz Bailey Irish Cream, 1oz Licor 43

Italian Coffee - 1 cup coffee, 2oz Amaretto (get the DiSaronno)

Nutty Irishman - 1 cup coffee, 1oz Baileys Irish Cream, 1oz Frangelico

Hot Tub Heaven - 1 cup coffee, 1oz Peppermint Schnapps, 1oz Amaretto, 1oz Baileys Irish Cream

This is just a few of the easiest to make without much trouble from your boss, but there are plenty more available for research over at www.webtender.com

Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day edition

February 14th, Valentine's Day; a day that lives in infamy for so many men, and single people (but that will be a different posting).  I, being a married man, still do not have this holiday on lock-down.  I struggle every year with what to do, what to get, what to say, and when to give it.  (okay maybe not when to give it but...).

There are so many classic options for Valentines Day; expensive dinner out, dozen roses delivered to her work/home, giving a gift of jewelery, or you could make her an heart felt dinner at home (but you loose points if you make frozen pizza).  But what about those guys that we see that have really cool ideas and pull them off; what separates those guys from the average guy?  Those are the guys that take a Vday weekend in Napa, NYC, or Paris; or they hire a private chef and sommelier to come to their home and make dinner; or they acquire the Hope Diamond for the evening; or they rent out an entire jazz club for the night so he and his lady friend can slow dance the night way.  Wow, those are some romantic ideas; but why can't I pull those off?  Oh, right, I am not on a TV show, nor do I make 6 figures a month.  We, the average guy, have lots of good ideas, we just need to capitalize on them and unite to share our wealth of ideas.

Which leads me to the heart of Valentines Day (do you like that, do you see what I did there?).  Making a romantic memory for your signifacnt other without breaking the bank (or credit card).  So here a few ideas I am working on that will not cost you a second (or third) mortgage.
  • Try something you have never done before; rock climbing, a cooking class, a wine tasting, go-kart racing, zip-lining, brewery tour, visit a free museum, sample all 31 flavors then leave, scrap booking, or let her spank you this time.
  • Stop by her favorite coffee shop and deliver her a drink to her job
  • It is a bit cheesy but Champagne and Strawberries is still a pretty good idea and not that expensive. This can work especially if you have kids and you cannot unload them for Vday night, after you put them to bed enjoy some Grey's Anatomy and some Champagne
  • Try Edible Arrangements, they are not too expensive (if you get the small cheap one), but really tasty and look really pretty
  • Take an evening stroll (assuming you live in warmer climate) along the beach, or park, or city street, and have no real place to go; just stroll and talk 
  • Play the lottery; it could turn out be the best Valentines Day ever
  • Clean your house for your wife before she gets home (this is all without her having to ask you)
  • Simply write a love letter that tells how you feel, sometimes it is better to write it down then saying it.
  • This is not an idea but an aside; I am against the coupon book for your lover.  That is something that is overdone and fairly cheesy.  I remember doing that as a kid when I did not have a gift for mothers day.  I say the coupon book, while it is inexpensive, is still lame.
I do not believe my ideas are the best, I will be the first to admit (and my wife will agree) that I suck at gift giving (from Vday to Bday and Anniversaries).  But I am only trying to start a conversation so we all can unite and share our ideas to conquer this made up holiday, until next year. 
Good luck my fellow men, and feel free to comment your own ideas or after Vday, comment what worked and what didn't.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Toast....

You have to love the holiday's, the cold air; the excitement of little children as they anticipate the coming of a large jolly man in a red suit to bring them toys even if they know they have been nothing but bad all year; the mall streaming with shoppers busily looking for gifts that will have no meaning to the person they are giving it too as long as they give them something; the traffic as it builds up and seems to stand still at every light around all the major traffic patterns even though most people have taken xmas eve off work; the way that you are forced to go to family functions and pretend to enjoy people, even though you know full well you would strangle them all in their sleep if you had the chance; the excuse you have to drink more beer/whiskey/rum/wine/gin/etc.. then normal because "Hey, it is the holiday's, and it is a time to celebrate," God bless the time to celebrate; the sad lonely looking gray clouds as cover the sky as if to say "Losers, no snow for you;" the heart warming stories of homeless people getting a good meal from good Samaritans who feel better when they help feed the homeless when in reality if they got to know them and found them a job or a help them on to their feet they would probably do quite well; the football season coming to a close, trying to figure out how your team can still get it on a wild card pick; the trash that fills your trash cans, the wrapping paper, the bows, the boxes, and the leftover turkey or ham, what a waste and a great way to fill our landfills (as if they do not need any more crap in them); the wonderfully funny but unfortunately, for your sake incriminating, pictures that turn up days later on someone's facebook page (how did those get there?); the feeling of eating too much and saying, "You know, I think I will quit smoking and join a gym for the new year." Sure, don't kid yourself, if you were going to join a gym you would have gotten off your ass and joined yesterday, you only say these things to make yourself feel better about having your third helping of ham and a 4th piece of that rum cake ala-mode.

mmmm the holiday's... days off work, sleeping in only to wake with a pounding headache from too much rum/cake, the sound of the same Christmas carol in every level of your house only to realize that it is on in your car while you drive away cursing; the wonderful excuse to purchase yourself that super-cool gadget you wanted, why, because it is up for super duper sale of the century during that 16 1/2 hour sale at Super Sale-Mart; the smiling faces that make this country everything that it is, everyone is so happy and willing to help you get into your car (only to take your parking space) or help you dig your car out of the snow and let you in during the traffic back up, just thinking about those smiling faces makes me smile and feel good about our society.

The Holidays are time to reflect and realize that while you have to go back to work soon, your congressman and senators have off till the end of January, almost like your college students. There is something special about the holiday season that just make me feel good to be an American and living in a great state of commerce and happy loving people in this country.
Too my three readers of this blog; Happy Holiday's, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Endings, Happy something or other, and have a great New Year and good luck with your resolutions.

Here's to the Holiday's.   Cheers!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

White Meat vs. Dark Meat

So the other day I was carving the last of the leftover Turkey from Thanksgiving and I was noticing the amount and the type of meat leftover.  There seemed to be a whole lot of dark meat untouched, both entire legs, both wings, and thighs, were all left.  Now, my extended family of 24 people that were at Thanksgiving, are mostly white meat eaters; which is totally cool and that is just the what they prefer, this is not about me holding that against them.  I enjoy both colors of meat, but dark meat seems more tender and more flavorful, and also does not seem to dry out as much.

But I got thinking...

Has our society convinced us that white meat is better than dark meat?  Is there an underlying racial bias that dates back before the emancipation proclamation?

KFC and Popeye's charge more for white meat chicken, which infers that a higher value is placed on white meat.   When you buy chicken at the grocery store the dark meat is always cheaper.  They sell a Turkey Breast of just the white meat, most sliced deli poultry is sliced breast (white meat), and restaurants sell the breasts with main courses rarely legs or thighs. 

My unofficial and completely unfounded thoughts about this are that  back in the days of slavery the slave owners used to eat the white meat of the poultry they cooked (chicken, turkey, goose) because they thought that white meat was better because they were ignorant.  So as time as gone on, the dark meat has been associated with not being as tasty because slave owners sucked and made everything about color.

I believe that because dark meat is normally so close to the bones of the bird they are infused with more flavor and our society has forced our opinion to like the white meat.  I say buck the system, DO NOT pay more for inferior meat on your poultry bird parts, do not let the man tell you his lies about what meat is better, just because it cost more does not mean that it is better, take a stand against unknown and unforeseen racism.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Scott Sigler audio stories

A few years back I came across this podcast from Scott Sigler and I have been listening to his riveting stories ever since.  I am not normally a fan of horror or sci-fi but his stories are really addictive. 
Check out this link for more info, and enjoy.


I hope you like it as much as I have over the years.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Giving Thanks can be hard

This time of year tends to be highlighted by crappy situations for many people.  I now families who have lost loved ones during the holidays, or they have lost their jobs due to the continued recession, or their prayers never seem to be answered for what they want most.  But we are suppose to be mindful of the things we are thankful for, I believe that is easier said then done.

I know that sometimes it is hard to see the things we are thankful for, especially when it seems like parts of our lives are crumbling around us.  But this time of year is not about seeing the bad, it is take the extra effort and focusing on the good things, even if they are small.  That can be really hard but you have to begin the thought process somewhere.  Maybe it is being thankful for certain freedoms that come with living in this country, a healthy family/your health, a job, smiling children, loving spouse, or a roof over your head. 

I encourage you all to take the extra effort to try to see the positive side of life, if even only for a moment. 
Have a great Holiday. 

Friday, November 5, 2010

Kudos to DC United's Rookie of the Year and DCU season in review

DC United's youngest player and only shining spot in a pathetic season, Andy Najar, won the MLS Rookie of the Year the other day.  At the age of 17 he the youngest player to win this award.  The last time a DC United player won this was Ben Olsen back in 1998.  Olsen, who began this season as the DC United Asst. Coach was promoted as Interim Head Coach after the home office rightfully sacked Curt Onalfo, after he failed to win more that 3 games in his first 18 (3-12-3).  MLS legend Jamie Moreno also retired this season which is a sad day for DC United and also the league as a whole.  He was a class act and one of the best MLS ever had

Now, that is the basic newspaper season stuff; but here is the Balddave opinion. 
WTF United, first off, Curt Onalfo?????  Onalfo was a bad coach with a losing record (27-29-22) when he coached KC for 2 years, he also was an assistant with the US National Team under Bruce Arena (apparently he did not learn anything).  While I respect all the things Curt Onalfo has done for DCU and US soccer, he has proven to be a terrible head coach and should stay as an assistant or continue his youth coaching in McLean VA. 

Now Ben Olsen took over the team as Interim Head Coach in Aug of the season.  Ben was but into a crappy situation and was handed a team in disarray.  He did the best he could and trying to provide that passion that DCU seemed to be missing all season.  The players were there, most of them healthy, but they just really lacked the passion we used to see in the old days. 

Andy Najar the 17 year old Honduran that emerged out of the DCU Youth academy was an excellent bright spot throughout the season (especially towards the end).  He played with excitement, passion, and sometimes aggression.  He played like a kid that loves to play.  This season he created a duality within his play.  On one hand he was growing up learning to play like a man; making good decisions with the ball, keeping his frustrations in check, and trying to put 100% on the field every game.  On the other hand he still is only 17 years old and therefore has a certain amount of youthful excitement in his game; he still seemed to get a kick out of playing with the "big boys," and at times looked like a high school kid just having fun.  If his excitement and attitude can work it's way through the locker room, and they name a quality head coach (b/c Ben Olsen should not be forced to do that again), we should have a good squad next season. 
I guess I should also point out the number of injuries DCU sustained through out the season.  Lost Namoff to a concussion, Clyde Simms, Chris Pontius, Bill Hamid, and others I cannot think of right now.  DC United needs to get healthy, it is a long season and you cannot count on your starters all season long.