Friday, November 26, 2010

Giving Thanks can be hard

This time of year tends to be highlighted by crappy situations for many people.  I now families who have lost loved ones during the holidays, or they have lost their jobs due to the continued recession, or their prayers never seem to be answered for what they want most.  But we are suppose to be mindful of the things we are thankful for, I believe that is easier said then done.

I know that sometimes it is hard to see the things we are thankful for, especially when it seems like parts of our lives are crumbling around us.  But this time of year is not about seeing the bad, it is take the extra effort and focusing on the good things, even if they are small.  That can be really hard but you have to begin the thought process somewhere.  Maybe it is being thankful for certain freedoms that come with living in this country, a healthy family/your health, a job, smiling children, loving spouse, or a roof over your head. 

I encourage you all to take the extra effort to try to see the positive side of life, if even only for a moment. 
Have a great Holiday. 

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