Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day edition

February 14th, Valentine's Day; a day that lives in infamy for so many men, and single people (but that will be a different posting).  I, being a married man, still do not have this holiday on lock-down.  I struggle every year with what to do, what to get, what to say, and when to give it.  (okay maybe not when to give it but...).

There are so many classic options for Valentines Day; expensive dinner out, dozen roses delivered to her work/home, giving a gift of jewelery, or you could make her an heart felt dinner at home (but you loose points if you make frozen pizza).  But what about those guys that we see that have really cool ideas and pull them off; what separates those guys from the average guy?  Those are the guys that take a Vday weekend in Napa, NYC, or Paris; or they hire a private chef and sommelier to come to their home and make dinner; or they acquire the Hope Diamond for the evening; or they rent out an entire jazz club for the night so he and his lady friend can slow dance the night way.  Wow, those are some romantic ideas; but why can't I pull those off?  Oh, right, I am not on a TV show, nor do I make 6 figures a month.  We, the average guy, have lots of good ideas, we just need to capitalize on them and unite to share our wealth of ideas.

Which leads me to the heart of Valentines Day (do you like that, do you see what I did there?).  Making a romantic memory for your signifacnt other without breaking the bank (or credit card).  So here a few ideas I am working on that will not cost you a second (or third) mortgage.
  • Try something you have never done before; rock climbing, a cooking class, a wine tasting, go-kart racing, zip-lining, brewery tour, visit a free museum, sample all 31 flavors then leave, scrap booking, or let her spank you this time.
  • Stop by her favorite coffee shop and deliver her a drink to her job
  • It is a bit cheesy but Champagne and Strawberries is still a pretty good idea and not that expensive. This can work especially if you have kids and you cannot unload them for Vday night, after you put them to bed enjoy some Grey's Anatomy and some Champagne
  • Try Edible Arrangements, they are not too expensive (if you get the small cheap one), but really tasty and look really pretty
  • Take an evening stroll (assuming you live in warmer climate) along the beach, or park, or city street, and have no real place to go; just stroll and talk 
  • Play the lottery; it could turn out be the best Valentines Day ever
  • Clean your house for your wife before she gets home (this is all without her having to ask you)
  • Simply write a love letter that tells how you feel, sometimes it is better to write it down then saying it.
  • This is not an idea but an aside; I am against the coupon book for your lover.  That is something that is overdone and fairly cheesy.  I remember doing that as a kid when I did not have a gift for mothers day.  I say the coupon book, while it is inexpensive, is still lame.
I do not believe my ideas are the best, I will be the first to admit (and my wife will agree) that I suck at gift giving (from Vday to Bday and Anniversaries).  But I am only trying to start a conversation so we all can unite and share our ideas to conquer this made up holiday, until next year. 
Good luck my fellow men, and feel free to comment your own ideas or after Vday, comment what worked and what didn't.

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