Thursday, July 5, 2007

Weather Man

and lets not exclude the Weather ladies.
So am sitting here yesterday on July 4th in the DC area, and what come rolling but a some afternoon summer thunderstorms. The weather dudes are freaking losing it, they are talking about tornado's and funnel clouds and they have their Doppler 9 million out and they are tell me that a mad thunderstorm is about to land on my little town and my house. So, i look out the window and see, NOTHING, no rain, no thunder, no funnel cloud. My parents and uncles, and aunts are all calling to make sure i am not dead or taken away in a Tornado.
Those freakin' weather people just instill paranoia in people too freak them out.
Damn this really pisses me off.
So to the weather people and your Doppler radar's and your bread-o-meters (yeah CBS-I am calling out you Bread-o-meter), WTF is up with your jobs. Damn, you guys went to school for this??

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