Friday, February 29, 2008

Stay-at-home-dad--End of Week 1

Well, i have made it through the first week of being a stay at home dad. what a week.
i love this kid even more than before. We have gone places and run errands and enjoyed the day with bottles of breast milk, beer, clean (and dirty) diapers, irish coffee, and a great mommy that rocks and feeds the baby over the night time (i am not sure when she sleeps).
This kid is awesome and i am learning so much about me and him and our patiences levels. he is starting to reach out and grab things like my chest hair and shirt and i am not suppose to drink coffee around him (for fear he is going to knock it out of my hands). Crazy, I tell you...Crazy.
I am not sure if i could love this little being any more; but i am willing to try.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Ok, so Castro is retiring and his younger bro is taking over. It got me to thinking, we do not do business with Cuba because they are communist and the whole Bay of Pigs fiasco, right. Ok fine, but isn't China also a communist nation, and we do a shit load of business with them, how about Vietnam; we import plenty of product from that communist nation.
We are so selective and hypocritical with who the US will and will not do business with, it all comes down to profits for the big companies. There is no product from Cuba that we really want to import (except cigars, but we have got plenty of good cigars from the Dominican and other Central American countries) so therefore there is no reason for the gov't to change the rules on the embargo with Cuba. I would bet my life that if they found oil in Cuba the policy would change in a NY minute.
Just a thought.

Monday, February 18, 2008

W.-- the worst Prresident in History

tell me how you can watch this and not get pissed off.

i really can not stand him and his whole regime, and that is what it is a regime that holds the rest of the country down.
He really fucked up this nation in 8 long ass years.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Street Racing

So i just heard a sad and tragic story this weekend of 8 spectators being killed during and illegal street race in MD. Now the story goes like this, watch this from CNN

So that is the story, now, i have also seen clips for relatives of the people that died telling how they want justice to be swiftly handed out to the Crown Vic driver and they think that is just not right that someone crashed into their family member on the road. This is were i have my issue... The story goes that the race cars burned out and took off and the crowd comes in behind the cars and that put them on the street, the middle of a 4 lane highway (whose speed limit is 55mph) at 3AM with a cloud of smoke behind them. Of course they are going to get hit by on coming traffic. They were in the middle of the street.
Know don't get me wrong, i feel bad for these people and their families, but they were at an ILLEGAL street race, my patience wares thin for stupid people.