Friday, February 29, 2008

Stay-at-home-dad--End of Week 1

Well, i have made it through the first week of being a stay at home dad. what a week.
i love this kid even more than before. We have gone places and run errands and enjoyed the day with bottles of breast milk, beer, clean (and dirty) diapers, irish coffee, and a great mommy that rocks and feeds the baby over the night time (i am not sure when she sleeps).
This kid is awesome and i am learning so much about me and him and our patiences levels. he is starting to reach out and grab things like my chest hair and shirt and i am not suppose to drink coffee around him (for fear he is going to knock it out of my hands). Crazy, I tell you...Crazy.
I am not sure if i could love this little being any more; but i am willing to try.

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