Sunday, February 17, 2008

Street Racing

So i just heard a sad and tragic story this weekend of 8 spectators being killed during and illegal street race in MD. Now the story goes like this, watch this from CNN

So that is the story, now, i have also seen clips for relatives of the people that died telling how they want justice to be swiftly handed out to the Crown Vic driver and they think that is just not right that someone crashed into their family member on the road. This is were i have my issue... The story goes that the race cars burned out and took off and the crowd comes in behind the cars and that put them on the street, the middle of a 4 lane highway (whose speed limit is 55mph) at 3AM with a cloud of smoke behind them. Of course they are going to get hit by on coming traffic. They were in the middle of the street.
Know don't get me wrong, i feel bad for these people and their families, but they were at an ILLEGAL street race, my patience wares thin for stupid people.

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