Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Ok, so Castro is retiring and his younger bro is taking over. It got me to thinking, we do not do business with Cuba because they are communist and the whole Bay of Pigs fiasco, right. Ok fine, but isn't China also a communist nation, and we do a shit load of business with them, how about Vietnam; we import plenty of product from that communist nation.
We are so selective and hypocritical with who the US will and will not do business with, it all comes down to profits for the big companies. There is no product from Cuba that we really want to import (except cigars, but we have got plenty of good cigars from the Dominican and other Central American countries) so therefore there is no reason for the gov't to change the rules on the embargo with Cuba. I would bet my life that if they found oil in Cuba the policy would change in a NY minute.
Just a thought.

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