Friday, December 14, 2007

DC United off Season Trades

WTF!!!??? Kevin Payne and Tommy Sohn you suck and are not smart in the world of soccer. Who's idea was it to fucking trade Bobby Boswell? and Troy Perkins, you just let go of the 2006 Defender of the year and Goalie of the year. Okay, so they did not have a great 2007 season, who cares, that defense was still the least scored on defense in the league for 2007, and you have traded away 2 of you key pieces to that stellar defense. Trading Boswell to Houston for Keeper Zach Wells, who the fuck is Zach Wells, he was not even the starting keeper for the dynamo at the end of the season.... and do not pull that shit about "oh, Wells is part of the 2 time MLS championship team." Okay, fine he was part of those teams, but he was part of the BENCH team; he did not play in any of the playoff games and therefore has no business getting traded to the 4 time champs, DC UNITED.
Now we turn the rambles to the potential sale of Troy Perkins to a Norwegian League Team. That is a terrible idea, i really do not have to rage about this any more.
And the Washington Post has reported that 2006 Player of the Year Christian Gomez might not get his contract renewed. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Since his arrival in 2005 he as been the catalyst for the team to win thier 4 Championship and win the last 2 supporter shields with the best record in the League. If DCU does not renew his contract and let him go, then they have the dumbest and most ridiculous front office in the league. THe Post also reports that DCU is interested in Argentinan international Juan Sabastian Veron; now i like Veron, i feel he is a good player, but he is too old. He is just trying to be one of those old Europen players that is looking for a place to retire b/c the European game has passed him by and he cannot hang any more because he is too old. This is simply a terrible ploy to get more south american's to come to the DCU games.
It is terrible and sad that he DC front office is making decisions that are detrimental to the team chemistry and to the DC tradition of grooming young players.

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