Monday, December 24, 2007

Ahh, the Holiday's....

You have to love the holiday's, the cold air; the excitement of little children as they anticipate the coming of a large jolly man in a red suit to bring them toys even if they know they have been nothing but bad; the mall streaming with shoppers busily looking for gifts that will have no meaning to the person they are giving it too as long as they give them something; the traffic as it builds up and seems to stand still at every light around all the major traffic patterns even though most people have taken xmas eve off work; the way that you are force to go to family functions and pretend to enjoy people, even though you know full well you would strangle them all in their sleep if you had the chance; the excuse you have to drink more beer/whiskey/rum/wine/gin/etc.. then normal because "Hey, it is the holiday's, and it is a time to celebrate," God bless the time to celebrate; the sad lonely looking gray clouds as cover the sky as if to say "Losers, no snow for you;" the heart warming stories of homeless people getting a good meal from good Samaritans who feel better when they help feed the homeless when in reality if they got to know them and found them a job or a help them on to their feet they would probably do quite well; the football season coming to a close, trying to figure out how your team can still get it on a wild card pick; the trash that fills your trash cans, the wrapping paper, the bows, the boxes, and the leftover turkey or ham, what a waste and a great way to fill our landfills (as if they do not need any more crap in them); the wonderfully funny but unfortunately, for your sake incriminating, pictures that turn up days later on your cell phone (how did those get there?); the feeling of eating too much and saying, "You know, i think i will quit smoking and join a gym for the new year." Sure, don't kid yourself, if you were going to join a gym you would have gotten off your ass and joined yesterday, you only say these things to make yourself feel better about having your third helping of ham and a 4th piece of that rum cake a la mode.

mmmm the holiday's... days off work, sleeping in only to wake with a pounding headache from too much rum/cake, the sound of the same Christmas carol in every story you go into only to realize that it is on in your car when you drive way cursing; the wonderful excuse to purchase yourself that super-cool gadget you wanted why, because it is up for super duper sale of the century during that 16 1/2 hour sale at Wal-Mart; the smiling faces that make this country everything that it is, everyone is so happy and willing to help you get your car out of the snow and let you in during the traffic back up, just thinking about those smiling faces makes me smile and feel good about our society.

The Holidays are time to reflect and realize that while you have to go back to work soon, your congressman and senators have off till the end of January, almost like your college students. There is something special about the holiday season that just make me feel good to be an American and living in a great state of commerce and happy loving people in this country.
Too my one reader of this blog; Happy Holiday's, Merry Christmas, Happy something or other, and have a great new year and good luck with your resolutions.
Cheers (bottoms up).

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