Wednesday, August 29, 2007

DC United kicks ass

So, DC United soccer team is on a 5 game win streak, this is ridiculous, they are going to over come the NE Revolution soon and be top of the table. Which is really good going into the home stretch of the end of the season.
Everyone is playing well, Ben Olsen has hit is stride and is playing really well and very smart. Moreno is the current all time MLS goal scoring leader with 109 goals in his career. The wife and i were there for the momentous occasion. Oh, we were also there for the David Beckham debut game a few weeks ago at RFK. The place was sold out and quite possibly the loudest i have ever heard from that stadium in the last 10 years of going to DCU and international soccer games there.
But back to DC United, i am little pissed that Josh Gros is not continually starting, he has been bounced around the line up and needs to be a constant presence on the left wing at mid fielder, were he belonging. That kid has the best work ethic of any pro athlete in any pro sport, it is brilliant how hard he tries.
Okay, enough rambling today. Talk at you next time.


chad said...

Yes they do kick ass. Gros is hurt.Period.Anyone who has watched 10 minutes of amatch knows noone works harder. That being said the depth Soehn has created makes him as good if not better a visionary than Coach Nowak ( bless'em ). Look at how the youngsters have kicked it in and the payroll compared to the shitty bigger market teams. DCU For life!

balddave said...

I agree Chad, I was unaware about Gros' injury.
Since someone actually read this I will have to post more about DCU and my opinion of them.
DC United for Life!!