Friday, August 31, 2007

Disney has it out againest Mothers

So I have this theory that Disney does not like mothers.

Let's think about this, Disney says they are a family company and they are a kid friendly company, and they promote the imagination of our nations you. But were are all the mothers in their stories. (i have another beef with Disney about the whole princess' and knight in shining armor thing, but that is for another ramble)

Where are all the mothers??

Ariel from the Little Mermaid only had a father

Belle from Beauty and the Beast only had a father

Jasmine from Aladin only had a father

Pocahontas did not have a mother only a father

Mulan only had dad, she even went and fought in his place during a war.

Sleeping Beauty did not have a mother

Did Snow White have a mom... NO.

Cinderella had a mother but she was a step-mother and was "evil." Maybe we can blame the terrible stigma that step mother have on Disney. Maybe stepmother would have been more warmly embarrassed by their step children had Disney not tainted the step parent waters.

Bambi had mom, but what happened to her...she died.

Tarzan had both of his human parents die.

Okay, there were a few mom's... Simba from the Lion King had a mom that actually save the day, the parent in Toy Story was a mom, but you never did see her. Dumbo had a mom, but she did not like him for a while. Even the mom in Mary Poppins was scarcely around.

So can somebody explain to me what is up with why Disney has it out against moms'??

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