Monday, October 20, 2008

the switch to all digital TV=Shananigans!!

So this switch to all digital nonsense is really got me pissed off.
The cable, dish, and other TV providers have decided that they want to make sure they get their money from everybody so they are no longer making TV free for those with rabbit ears. It is a joke, many people around this county cannot or do not want to pay for cable, so they get their 4 channels for free so they can be thrifty and now the gov't won't let them, b/c the big corporations have convinced congress and the greedy ol' fuckers on the hill that every should have to pay for TV. And the "coupons" they are offering are not for free service, you still have to buy or rent the box and the coupons is only worth $40 and you can only request 2, then you have to pay for the rest after that. It is despicable that these business have the gov't in their back pocket the poor people of this country are the ones that have to suffer.

Soon we will have to pay for radio, remember when radio was free. We will be able to tell our kids, "I remember when TV and radio for free."
I call Shananigans and corruption on the US gov't.

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