Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Standing up 2 Cancer

Okay, so i am all for curing diseases, i am. I think that if we can cure a disease then lets go for it. So this new campaign between NBC, CBS, and ABC to make cancer on the for front of thought is cool. I like the idea of creating an awareness and raising money for it. Check out for more details and info about it.

BUT......In true Balddave Ramblings there is always a BUT....

Instead of looking at how to cure cancer, why are we not ALSO looking at how we get Cancer. How about looking at the source and solving that problem. One of the partners in this new campaign is Stonyfield Farm Organic. Here is a quote from their blurb on the standup website:

"Some years ago, the U.S. EPA found the drinking water of more than fourteen million Americans contaminated with five different agricultural chemicals known to cause nine different types of cancer. Another study found, in the urine of children on conventional diets, mean pesticide concentrations six times higher than concentrations found in the urine of children on organic diets. Findings like these are the reasons Stonyfield Farm believes all foods should be organic."

I totally agree. If our society stopped with all the preservatives and chemicals that make our strawberries so red, and keep out lettuce from expiring till next month, and enhance the flavors of our ice cream, and juice up our meat so they grow faster; we would all be in better shape with less health problems and less cancer.
The wife and i have switched to a mostly organic diet a few years ago, and i feel great. And No; it does not mean that i eat only tofu and broccoli. Almost everything you eat or drink, has an organic alternative; steak, chicken, root beer, rice, vegetables, fruit, spices, wine, beer, bread, milk (which actually lasts longer then conventional milk),chips, salsa, pasta, sauce, and pretty much everything else you have in your fridge and pantry.

Take a look at the amount of pesticides and chemicals you are putting into you body, or more importantly into you children's bodies.
I am not trying to be holier than you but i am just saying, take a look.

Agree? Disagree? i would love to hear your thoughts.

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