Thursday, January 17, 2008

Being a Dad

So this being a dad thing is hard. It has been 8 days and my wife is a trooper and has done so much and i can barely keep up with her. She feeds and does laundry, and feeds the kid some more, after she changes diapers, man.... i am simply tired typing about it.
I have to admit i am a little nervous about staying home with this thing that i have to take care of, the dog after a while will take care of himself, but a baby....
I will have to have some sort of creative outlet, like beer or whiskey or porn.(kidding, no porn).

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Evelyn said...

Glad to see that you recognize how much Diane is doing! I bet she'll appreciate reading that. I'm sure that you'll do just fine as a new daddy. Michael(aka dispenser of advice)is a phone call should look into a dad's group...good luck!