Thursday, October 25, 2007


DCU is in the first round of the playoff's tonight against Chicago with their new star Blanco. Ohhh, big old Mexican international Blanco.... lame, he looks like he is going to have a heart attack on the field. He has been good for the league but real DC fans can't stand him. He was a dick to the US National team for years and is now a dick to the famed and ever popular club, DC United. All hail DC United.
DCU will crush them tonight in Chicago then come home next week for the second half of the home and away series. My prediction is; tonight DC 3 Chi 1 and for next week DC 2 Chi 0.
And for your viewing pleasure here are the top goals from this season from DC United.

With that out of the way, more ramblings to come; peace and enjoy the game.

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